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Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery

Aesthetic Eye and Surgical Arts works with board certified Dermatologists who perform Mohs surgery, coordinating your care to obtain the highest level of surgical expertise. This results in complete removal of the cancer while providing the plastic surgical repair for the best outcome. Dr. Brannan has performed thousands of repairs following skin cancer removal on the most delicate parts of the body, and excels in repairs of the eyelid and face.

If you have been diagnosed with a skin cancer needing treatment and want the best possible cosmetic and functional result, see Dr. Brannan in consultation for a complete explanation of the process.

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What is skin cancer?
There are 3 main forms of skin cancer: Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Malignant Melanoma. Skin cancer is tissue which grows at an uncontrollable and unpredictable rate. Depending on the tumor type, size and location, we may recommend the Mohs procedure.
How is Mohs microscopic surgery performed?
Mohs is a precise method of treating skin cancers and it combines surgical removal of the cancer with in-office microscopic examination of the removed tissue. The removed tissue is marked with colored dyes to map the tissue compared to the excision site. The tissue is processed and examined under the microscope. The borders and base are examined to determine whether all the cancer has been removed. If any cancer is still present, it is precisely mapped and another stage of skin cancer is performed at the corresponding mapped location. The process is then repeated.
How long does the process take?
The whole process is usually completed in 1 day. Total removal of a skin cancer may involve several surgical stages, with tissue processing each time. How effective is Mohs surgery in the treatment of skin cancer? Using the Mohs surgery technique, the percentage of success is very high, often 97 – 99%. This t echnique offers an excellent chance of cure, although there is no 100% guarantee.
When is Mohs surgery applicable?
Mohs surgery is utilized in large skin cancers, recurrent skin cancers, invasive skin cancers, areas at risk for high recurrence like facial planes and thin skinned areas like hands and feet.
Will the surgery leave a scar?
Yes, any form of therapy will leave a scar once you cut the skin. This can be minimized by the tissue sparing process of Mohs, good reconstructive techniques performed by Dr. Brannan, adhering to wound care and any imposed physical limitations, consistent sun protection and the addition of Biocorneum silicone scar gel with SPF. Sometimes redness last for months and sites may be itchy early during healing.

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