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Reconstructive & Corrective Surgeries of the Eyes


Skin Cancer Surgery

Paul Brannan, MD, Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts (Sarasota, FL) has performed thousands of skin cancer excisions and repairs. Dr. Brannan also works with board-certified dermatologists who perform Skin Cancer Surgery, coordinating your care to obtain the highest level of surgical expertise. This results in complete removal of the cancer while providing plastic surgeon repair for the best outcome. Dr. Brannan has performed thousands of repairs following skin cancer removal on the most delicate parts of the body, excelling in repairs of the eyelid and face. Being diagnosed with skin cancer is a daunting prospect, but Dr. Brannan will work […]

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There are many reasons to consider blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, and you need a board-certified doctor you can trust. Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts (Sarasota, FL) has the local eye specialist with the extensive experience and certifications you’re looking for–Dr. Paul Brannan. Dr. Brannan is not only a board-certified ophthalmologist, he is sub-specialized and certified by the American Society of Ophthalmic Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Dr. Brannan’s extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics makes him the ideal surgeon to perform your blepharoplasty. Whether you have excess upper eyelid skin, or simply want to reduce excess sagging skin around […]

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Experience Rejuvenating Power

Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts (Sarasota, FL) offers a superior range of products for eye repair and enhancement. Board-certified Dr. Brannan can make recommendations for the products that will be most beneficial to you. Experience the rejuvenating power of human growth factor with products from LC Cell. These proprietary blends of Human Growth Factors, other reparative ingredients and botanicals swiftly stimulate cell renewal and healing. The LC Cell line is formulated to halt and reverse signs of aging in the delicate eye area, enhancing skin texture and firmness by increasing collagen and other structural elements. LC’s signature Anti-Aging Kit targets […]

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Love the Skin You’re In

They say you’re as young as you feel, so why not let your face reflect your internal youth? Dr. Paul Brannan at Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts (Sarasota, FL) is here to help! Dermal fillers are a popular choice for maintaining a youthful appearance, offering a quick, comfortable way to achieve immediate results. Juvederm is used to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds. Injection of Juvederm into the subsurface skin layer smooths and lifts skin, adding volume and elasticity. Radiesse is a dermal filler giving skin volume, flexibility, and strength. This unique formula stimulates collagen production, resulting […]

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Soften Wrinkles

They have cute names like “crows feet” and “smile lines” but we know what they really are—wrinkles. Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts, (Sarasota, FL) has the solution for you! Dr. Paul Brannan is an oculofacial specialist—a plastic surgeon as well as board-certified ophthalmologist. This adds up to extensive knowledge of all things facial, including the ideal placement for cosmetic injections such as Botox and Xeomin. These injections smooth out lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, upper nose, lips and eyebrows, giving you a relaxed, youthful glow. Once you’ve experienced your refreshed look with Botox or Xeomin, you’ll want to […]

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Cosmetic Gift Package

Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts is offering this exclusive Facebook giveaway! Sarasota’s premier eye specialist, board-certified Dr. Paul Brannan, is raffling off this incredible cosmetic gift package valued at over $270 from LC Cell! Included are hot sellers Dual C Tone Correcting Serum, LC Cell Night Cream with the regenerative power of human growth factor, and the hugely popular Ageless Eye Serum, which reduces the signs of aging through human stem cell technology. Don’t miss out on this exclusive giveaway! One entry per person. Enter to win Monday, February 27th- Sunday, March 5th. Winner will be announced Monday, March 6th! […]

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We Love Referrals!

Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts values our referrals. Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Brannan is distinguished in his field, as well as sub-specialized and certified by the American Society of Ophthalmic Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Dr. Brannan has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics, specializing in eyelid and plastic surgery. He has also performed extensive Mohs reconstruction and skin cancer surgery. Dr. Brannan has distinctive skills to collaborate with patients, consult on the most effective options, refresh appearance, and improve quality of life. Whatever referral is needed, your patients will be in excellent hands with Dr. Brannan. We look forward […]

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Wait Not, Want Not

Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts wants to encourage you to take advantage of our two Valentine’s Day specials with our Botox and filler events! The week of February 13th, you can buy two Botox injections and get the 3rd free, and buy one filler and get a second for half price. You can choose either of these specials or both! If you take advantage of both, your savings will top $500! Space is limited, so please call today and reserve your spot: (941) 921-0400. You can even schedule an appointment to get your consult and procedure on the same day! […]

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Eyelid Lift

Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts, offers a wide variety of surgeries and procedures. Dr. Brannan is board-certified and sub-specializes in facial and reconstructive surgery. One of his specialties is blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift. Blepharoplasty reduces excess, sagging skin around the eyes, restores youthful appearance, and gives a natural, fresh look. It can also greatly improve your peripheral vision, which may be compromised by excess eyelid skin. Blepharoplasty can also improve reading, improve manual elevation of the eyelid, and reduce or alleviate browaches or skin irritation on the eyelids. This surgery is outpatient and typically takes 30-40 minutes with mild sedation. […]

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Mohs Surgery

Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts (Sarasota, FL) offers a wide variety of reconstructions for patients of Mohs surgery. Board-certified Dr. Brannan works with board-certified dermatologists who perform Mohs surgery, coordinating your care to ensure the highest level of surgical expertise. With something this important, you want to maximize your results and minimize scarring. Dr. Brannan has performed thousands of repairs following skin cancer removal on some of the most delicate parts of the body. He excels in repairs of the eyelid and face. When it comes to something as sensitive and delicate as reconstruction after skin cancer surgery, you can […]

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“Our focus is on you, the patient! We will listen to your concerns, evaluate and diagnose your condition, provide you with valuable information and treatment options and ensure you receive quality care utilizing state-of-the art surgical and non-surgical procedures. At our office you will receive the type of attention and treatment you deserve and have been looking for.” – Paul Brannan, MD – Sarasota, FL