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Reconstructive & Corrective Surgeries of the Eyes


Facial Lesion Removal in Sarasota

Don’t let benign facial lesions stand between you and confidence in your appearance. Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts, is on hand to help. Board-certified Paul Brannan, MD, uses his extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics to remove unwanted tissue with minimal discomfort. Options depend on size, location, and type of lesion: Smaller lesions may be shaved, frozen, or removed with electrocautery. Larger lesions may require excision, repair and sutures The goal is minimal scarring and discomfort. Most procedures are quick and can be performed in the office. Call today for your consultation: (941) 921-0400.

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Superior Dermal Fillers In Sarasota With Paul Brannan, MD

Are you looking for a quick, comfortable, easy way to achieve immediate results for a more youthful appearance? Call Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts (Sarasota, FL) and schedule your consultation with board-certified Paul Brannan, MD to ask about dermal fillers. Options include: Juvederm– for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and nasolabial folds Radiesse–stimulates collagen production to give your skin volume, flexibility and strength Juvederm Voluma XC–instantly adds volume to cheek area, helping restore contour Paul Brannan, MD will evaluate your facial structure and decide which filler or fillers will be most beneficial for you. Give yourself a boost! […]

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An Eyelid Lift (Sarasota) Means Clearer Vision

Did you know you can achieve a natural, refreshed look with blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift? Sarasota’s Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts’ oculofacial plastic surgeon, Paul Brannan, MD is fellowship trained in eyelid surgery so you will be in expert hands. Droopy eyelids can cause everything from irritation to infection and impaired vision. Blepharoplasty will: Reduce under eye puffiness or “bags.” Remove excess eyelid skin and fat. Reduce eyelid wrinkles. Improve signs of aging. Improve vision. The technique of Paul Brannan, MD, has been achieved with thousands of surgeries and positive outcomes. He strives for natural results and considers each patient’s […]

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Great Skin Deserves Great Care With LC Cell

That’s what we offer at Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts (Sarasota, FL). Board-certified Paul Brannan, MD, offers the best treatments and both surgical and non-surgical techniques, as well as the superior skin care products from LC Cell to maximize your results every time. LC Cell’s human Stem Cell Extract Technology: Regulates cell growth and division Stimulates collagen production Reduces inflammation Promotes wound healing Stimulates blood vessel formation Great skin needs great skin care. Once you try LC Cell products, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them. Call today for your consultation with Paul Brannan, MD, and find out what […]

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Do you suffer from facial spasms?

Facial spasm and Blepharospasm are uncontrollable twitching of the facial and eyelid muscles. These can cause an inability to open the eyelids, impairing your ability to read and drive, and making it difficult to perform your normal activities. The spasm is often associated with irregular facial movements, and can be socially debilitating. After an evaluation, treatment may include Medical Botox® or Xeomin® injections, which will control the symptoms. Dr. Brannan has many years of experience rare diseases like these and has treated hundreds of patients. Call 941-921-0400 today to schedule your appointment.

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Do you suffer from dry eyes?

Dry Eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome may be caused by many factors and becomes more common with age. Underproduction of tears, abnormal tear quality, inflammatory conditions and eyelid malpositions are all possible causes. Symptoms of dryness vary from mild to severe. Medical treatment with ocular lubricants and anti-inflammatory medications usually improve symptoms. In severe cases of dry eye, lubricants do not relieve symptoms and minor surgical procedures may be necessary to protect the eye surface. Dr. Brannan specializes in the surgical and medical management of eyelid abnormalities like these. Call 941-921-0400 today to schedule your appointment!

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Do you suffer from eyelid irritation or dry eye?

Blepharitis is an extremely common, low-grade inflammatory condition of the eyelids. This can cause eye and eyelid irritation, dry eye symptoms, and crusting and redness of the eyelids. It is especially common in Caucasian people of European descent. Control of symptoms can be achieved with a daily routine of warm compresses, baby shampoo eyelid scrubs and possibly prescription medications. Dr. Brannan specializes in the medical management of eyelid abnormalities like these. Call 941-921-0400 today to schedule your appointment.

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Sarasota Scar Care Treatment, bioCorneum

bioCorneum Sarasota’s eyelid specialist, Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts, offers a wide variety of the highest-end skin care products. We also offer the revolutionary scar care treatment, bioCorneum. bioCornuem is the first and only topical silicone scar treatment with SPF cleared by the FDA. bioCorneum also: self-dries to form a transparent, flexible sheet softens and flattens raised scars reduces redness and discoloration relieves associated itch and discomfort has UV protection to help protect from discoloration and redness with sun exposure is very water-resistant allows cosmetic application once dry is ideal for face, neck, chest, hands, and other areas exposed to […]

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Sarasota Ultherapy: A Nonsurgical Way to Lift, Tighten, and Tone Skin

Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts is proud to offer the acclaimed non-surgical lifting procedure, Ultherapy. Paul Brannan, MD, expertly performs this therapy with amazing results. Ultherapy: is natural is non-invasive is non-surgical has no downtime uses focused ultrasound to stimulate new collagen growth takes about an hour is long-lasting is useful for men and women Call today for your consultation with Dr. Brannan and to find out more about this amazing Ultherapy: (941) 921-0400.

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LC Cell Magic at Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts

Sarasota’s eyelid specialist, Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts, is proud to offer the amazing line of LC Cell Products. Based in Florida, LC Cell is a forward-thinking cosmeceutical company on a mission to improve skin health and appearance through the latest technology. LC Cell Products:  satisfy every skin type stay a step ahead of aging with Human Stem Cell Extract technology regulate cell growth and division stimulate collagen production reduce inflammation promote healing help your skin repair, maintain, firm, brighten, and regenerate Paul Brannan, MD, will evaluate your skin and recommend the products that will work best for you. Call today […]

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“Our focus is on you, the patient! We will listen to your concerns, evaluate and diagnose your condition, provide you with valuable information and treatment options and ensure you receive quality care utilizing state-of-the art surgical and non-surgical procedures. At our office you will receive the type of attention and treatment you deserve and have been looking for.” – Paul Brannan, MD – Sarasota, FL