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Reconstructive & Corrective Surgeries of the Eyes


Facial Lesion Removal in Sarasota

Don’t let benign facial lesions stand between you and confidence in your appearance.

Aesthetic Eye & Surgical Arts, is on hand to help. Board-certified Paul Brannan, MD, uses his extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics to remove unwanted tissue with minimal discomfort.

Options depend on size, location, and type of lesion:

  • Smaller lesions may be shaved, frozen, or removed with electrocautery.
  • Larger lesions may require excision, repair and sutures

The goal is minimal scarring and discomfort. Most procedures are quick and can be performed in the office.

Call today for your consultation: (941) 921-0400.

Superior Dermal Fillers In Sarasota With Paul Brannan, MD
TeleMed Services Available

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