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Melanoma is the least common form of skin cancer (1%), but highly malignant and potentially lethal if not detected early. Risk factors include a history of blistering sun burns, a family history of melanoma, > 50 moles, > 5 atypical moles, fair skin type and other cancers.

Dr. Brannan has treated many melanomas of the eyelid, face and body with surgery and has excellent results. Some melanomas require more involved treatment regimens and referral to Oncology or cancer treatment centers may be more appropriate for larger, more aggressive cancers. Dr. Brannan can help you navigate this difficult situation to provide you with the best care.

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What is skin cancer?

There are 3 main forms of skin cancer: Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Malignant Melanoma. Skin cancer is tissue which grows at an uncontrollable and unpredictable rate. Depending on the tumor type, size and location, we may recommend the Mohs procedure.

How long does skin cancer surgery take?

Most skin cancers can be removed and the defect repaired in the office at the same time. The entire office visit usually takes about 30 minutes. Larger cancers or cancers in more sensitive areas, like the eyelid, may require surgery in an outpatient surgical setting. At your consultation, Dr. Brannan will discuss the options available and recommend the best method for you.

Will the surgery leave a scar?

Yes, any form of therapy will leave a scar once you cut the skin. This can be minimized by the tissue sparing process of Mohs or frozen section control, good reconstructive techniques performed by Dr. Brannan, adhering to wound care and any imposed physical limitations, and consistent sun protection. Sometimes redness last for months and sites may be itchy early during healing.

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