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Eyelid Malpositions

Eyelid Malpositions

Eyelid malpositions are often caused by age-related changes of the eyelid tissues and can effect the upper and lower eyelids. Stretching of the tissue, gravity, eye and eyelid surgery, trauma, congenital conditions, contact lens wear and inflammatory conditions all can cause the eyelid to be out of its normal anatomic position. The eyelid serves to protect the eye surface but the eye can become damaged if the eyelid is out of position.

A variety of conditions can result in eyelid malposition (entropion, ectropion, lid retraction), most of which are related to age. This can lead to eye irritation, redness, tearing and inadequate eye closure. Surgery is performed to reposition the eyelid, restore function and protect the eye.

Eyelid Malpositions
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